About Us

Are you a business professional who needs help with Microsoft Office? You’re not alone. There’s so much software out there, and sometimes it can be hard to know where best spend your time or money when making important decisions about which program is right for you!

If this sounds familiar, then we may have the perfect solution – our holistic blog aims at taking an in depth look into each major product available on both platforms including their pros & cons as well as step-by keep up blogs that will show how they work together (or don’t).

What are the benefits of being a reader?

Our blog gives you deep insight into all products currently available, so you will know exactly what they do and how to use them before making any purchases. We even have step-by step guides to help out with common use cases. Finally, our blog is also free, unlike many paid alternatives available on both Windows – why pay for advice when it’s free here?

Of course, we understand that not every product is right for everyone; sometimes its worth taking some time to read up on which products your needs best match with. For this reason, we also have a wide variety of comparison articles and in-depth reviews so you can be sure that the solution you choose is the best one for you.

We hope you take the time to check out our blog and that it will help make your decision making process just a little bit easier!

IVASOFT was created by business professionals with one goal in mind – to help other business professionals make informed decisions about Microsoft Office products. We offer deep insight into all products currently available, as well as comparisons and reviews, to ensure that you select the best solution for your needs. And, our blog is free to read! We hope you take advantage of our content.