ADEtuning for Microsoft Outlook 2010/2013/2016

ADEtuning has been created to allow users to set the default values for:

  • All day event “Show as” status (Free/Tentative/Busy/Out of office)
  • All day event reminder time
Current version:

The utility is an Outlook COM add-in.


  1. Download archive file to any folder on your workstation and extract all files. Execute ADEtuning.msi file and follow the instructions.
  2. Run Outlook. Select File > Options > Add-ins and make sure that ADEtuning exists in “Active Application Add-ins” list (1). Now click “Add-in Options” button (2). Add-in Options window will appear.
  3. Select ADEtuning tab. Specify application’s behavior.Now click Apply button, then OK button.


  1. Open Outlook and select New Item > Appointment. Click All day event checkbox (1). Note that “Show as” is “Busy” and “Reminder” is “0,5 days” (equals to 720 minutes or 12 hours) (2) as you have set in Options. Close the event.
  2. Select Calendar and double-click any day. A new all day event will appear. Again, “Show as” is “Busy” and “Reminder” is “0,5 days” (1).

ADEtuning has been tested with Outlook 2010/2013/2016.


Select Start > Control Panel. Select Programs and features. Select ADEtuning in the list. Right-click and select Uninstall. Follow the instructions.

This application is free of charge if you are using it for your individual non-commercial purposes.Unfortunately, we cannot provide support services to users of freeware IvaSoft products.

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