BCCtoGroup for Microsoft Outlook 2016/2019

As you know, Office 365 Group members who have been granted send-as or send-on-behalf-of permissions, can send email as or on-behalf-of the group. Unfortunately, when a user sends an email as the group, the sent email is placed to his personal Sent Items folder and other group members do not know the fact that a message from the group hes been sent.

Also, as a rule, when you receive a message as a group member you wish to reply as the group or on behalf of the group.

BCCtoGroup add-in solves these problems.

Every e-mail sent as or on behalf of Office 365 group is BCCed to that group and become visible for all members.

When you hit Reply/Reply All buttons on the message addressed to an Office 365 group and delivered to the Inbox, the From: address of the reply message will be set to the group address.

Current version:


  1. Exit Outlook in case it is running.
  2. Download BCCtoGroup-Demo.zip and unpack it.
  3. Execute BCCtoGroup.msi. After completing the installation start Outlook.
  4. Click File -> Options -> Add-ins. Select “COM add-ins” in the Manage: list box (at the bottom of the page) and click Go button. You will see checked BCCtoGroup in the list there.


  1. Run Outlook and create a new message. In the “From:” field select an Office 365 group. Select a recipient and populate the Subject: field.Send this message.
  2. Navigate to Groups and select the group you have sent as. Make sure that the message you just sent is delivered to the appropriate group.
    Prefix “(BCCtoGroup DEMO)” in the Subject line indicates that you are testing a demo version.
  3. From external address you can operate (i.e. [email protected]) send a test message to an Office 365 group you are a member of. In Outlook navigate to Inbox.
  4. Select a message you have just received and click Reply. Make sure that the From: address of the new message is populated with the address of the group.

BCCtoGroup has been tested with Outlook 2016 32-bit under Microsoft Windows 7/8/10.

About this demo version

This demo version adds a tag [BCCtoGroup DEMO] to the Subject line of each message processed.
The full product version has no limitations.


Q. I am about to purchase this product but I wondering regarding updates/patches. What are the policies regarding updates? Do you provide them freely or as a purchase?
A. As a registered user, you will get free updates for one year from the date of purchase.
Once the new version is ready, this information will be e-mailed to all registered users. We will send updates via e-mail to those who request them.

Q.  I have already ordered your software and want to view data relating to my order.
A.  Just visit our Customer Care Center.

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