Detailed guide on how to create an archive folder in Outlook for Faster Email Experience

We all have a lot of emails loaded in our Outlook application. You can find it hard to keep up with all the emails and attachments in your Outlook application, which is why you may need to manage your storage space. For that, you need to know how to create an archive folder in outlook.  Archiving Outlook emails is an excellent way to manage your inbox & folders while keeping them tidy.

It is best to clear out and remove unused attachments and messages from time to time so that you can quickly meet current storage requirements. Hence, you can manage your inbox and folders using Outlook archiving process! Outlook has two different types of archiving:

  • For outlook version 2010, 2007, and 2003 it has “Manual archive.”
  • For outlook version 2019 and 2016, it has “Auto archive.”

This helps add more convenience when working with Outlook by storing the archived folders in a .pst file and makes it easy to access & use whenever needed.

Benefits of Setting Up an Outlook Archive

You can split data by having an archive file of your Outlook. You’re saving yourself a lot of time and hassle as there’s no clutter on your server, and you’re more organized. Let’s have a quick brief about these Outlook Archive advantages:

Data Splitting: Microsoft’s Outlook website says that the official use of archive files is to split one .pst file into 2 separate segments. Outlook keeps your inbox fast and free from crashes or freezes by automatically handling a lot of the routine maintenance tasks for you.

Automatic Archive: This majorly helps Outlook to remain a highly functional and lightweight application. It also allows for quick access to important mail, attachments, and other data files. Scheduling the auto-archive in Outlook will help you stay on top of your emails by automatically moving messages to a folder. It will still be your responsibility to use this new mail folder as needed, but it can save a lot of time and effort without compromising the program’s efficiency.

7 Reasons to Set Up an Outlook Archive

  1. Keep Your Work on the go for Instant Access
  2. Keep Your Work Securely Stored in One Place for Future Reference
  3. Save Time by Easily Searching Emails Across Years
  4. Open Rich Conversations with Previous Email Messages
  5. Have a Better Way to Save Emails & Get Quick Responses
  6. Create a Helpful Documentary of Your Life
  7. Have More Time for Other Important Things

The Complete Guide to How to Create an Outlook Archive Folder

If you’re like me and can’t seem to create and maintain a clean inbox, then you know the struggle. I’ve been trying to find a solution that would help me move my emails into their appropriate folders, but I found that most of the recommendations didn’t provide insight into how they worked. This is where an Outlook archive folder comes in handy. Follow the following steps to Create Outlook Archive Folder (Outlook 2019 or 2016)

Step 1: Open your Outlook application, click on the file and go to Tools.

Step 2: Tap on Set Archive Folder. After pressing the enter key, wait for the dialogue box to open.

Step 3: Now select which folders you want to archive after browsing through the files from “Archive this folder and all subfolders”

Step 4: Go for any date to transfer the files or folders. But, remember it should be older than the date given.

Step 5: The archive location in your PC (by default) is: 

C:\Users\Username\Documents\Outlook Files\archive.pst

Note: For creating Archive folder in Outlook 2013 version, go to- File > Info > Cleanup Tools > Archive.

Tip: Having 2 or more set of archive .pst files could make it impossible for you to access emails and attachments, and will cause your old emails and attachments to be lost or get corrupted. So, if you face any such situation where your archived folder or file has lost or is inaccessible, make use of different software available on the internet for such needs.

Steps to create an auto-archive folder in Outlook

Outlook 2019 and 2016 both support automatic archiving. There are specific settings you can use to make sure it happens successfully. Follow the following steps to avoid any mess and time wastage:

Step 1:

  • Open the Microsoft Outlook app.
  • Select a file from the menu.
  • Click the Options button.

Step 2: Click on Advanced and select the “Auto Archive Setting.” A pop-up window will open. (Advanced > Auto Archive Setting > dialogue box opens).

Step 3: Select the “clean out item older than” as per your choice.

Step 4:  You can move it to your archive file location and click on the OK button.

For archiving an OST file: You can convert the file into OST to PST format using the tool to convert the same format files.

Note: Outlook automatically archived old emails and relieved the burden on the user. The options for Outlook 2019 or 2016 new feature included permanently deleting old items, deleting expired items, and moving old files to a different location. Hence, if you accidentally remove a message or folder from your Outlook archives, we recommend using an advanced Outlook data recovery tool for this purpose.

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