Handful guide on How to Remove Paragraph Symbols in Outlook

In Outlook, the paragraph symbol is a symbol that goes before your text. Seeing these unnecessary symbols can be an annoying feature when trying to form a perfect layout for your email. 

Microsoft Outlook includes a list of paragraph symbols that are often used in emails. However, these symbols can be quite irritating when they appear in messages. Outlook consists of a list of paragraph symbols that are used to indicate the beginning and end of paragraphs. At the same time, these symbols can be helpful for some users but can confuse others.

The paragraph symbols are tightly packed with spaces and make the reading experience confusing. They can also make your text look unprofessional. This article covers different methods that you can use to remove them from your Outlook email messages.

Many people have faced the issue of removing paragraph symbols from their email messages in Outlook. Unfortunately, this is a common problem faced by most Outlook users as they have not figured out an effective way to remove paragraph symbols altogether. This article will explain the steps how to remove paragraph symbols in Outlook.

Learn how to remove paragraph symbols in Outlook:

Outlook 2013 has formatting marks that help you create the perfect email layout. The option to toggle all formatting marks is available on the Format Text tab if you need to make changes. However, this button prevents you from manually formatting paragraph marks in your text. Hence, you cannot simply get rid of paragraph marks with that option.

Furthermore, the button doesn’t work and makes no changes to formatting marks when you’ve customized your setting with “always display the paragraph symbols.” In such cases, you can disable paragraph marks via the Mail Options dialog.

  1. Click on “New Email” from the home window Outlook 2013.
  2. Go to “File,” >> “Options”>> “Mail.” Note- Although the options will be available to you in the main Outlook window itself, you won’t be able to view the formatting options unless you access them from the composition window.
  3. Go to “Compose Message section” and click “Editor Options.”
  4. Then, go to the “Display” side tab.
  5. Untick “Paragraph Marks,” then double click on “ok.” The “Editor Options” and “Outlook Options windows” should be closed with the double click of “OK.”
  6. If you still see paragraph marks, go to the “Format Text” tab. Then choose the “show/hide” option for paragraph marks (it looks like inverse P). 

Permanently Turning Off Formatting Marks or Characters in Outlook

Many people often ask how to turn off all of the formatting marks permanently. This tutorial will give you an easy step by step guide on turning off all formatting marks once for all:

  1. Open the new composite message window, then click “File,” then go to “Options.”
  2. In the dialog of Outlook “Options,” click on the “Mail” button present on the left side
  3. Now, click on the “Editor” Option (it will be below “Compose messages” present in the right section).
  4. Then, an Editor Options dialogue box will show up. Click on “Display” (left section).
  5. Then, on the right section, untick all options below “Always show these formatting marks on the screen.”
  6. Double click on “ok” to save the setting
  7. When you open up the composing email dialog, formatting marks won’t be there anymore

What are the uses of formatting marks?

Formatting marks are used in many different types of text layouts. These symbols help align text and make it easier to read on various devices such as computers and mobile phones. Formatting marks are used in writing to indicate the location of the text within a piece. This includes indentations and paragraphs. They are used to add emphasis, structure, and layout in the written email.

Does a Paragraph mark appear when we print the mail? 

The short answer is no. The paragraph marks do not appear when we print the email, but when we open it digitally, it seems. Formatting marks are there only to provide instructions for your mail structure and layout.

How to remove Paragraph Marks in Outlook With a Keyboard Shortcut?

Some keyboard shortcuts let you complete tasks more quickly, so if you’re a keyboard-centric person, this trick can come in handy. Keyboard shortcuts are a surefire way to save time and energy in your work life. They help you save time by not having to go through multiple processes simultaneously to complete a task. This keeps you from doing unnecessary tasks, which can lead to burnout and exhaustion.

The easiest way to stop formatting marks from appearing in Outlook is to disable them using Ctrl+Shift+*. By using this shortcut key, you can also add or remove other formatting symbols.

Paragraph Symbols in Windows 10 Mail and Mobile:

Microsoft makes it easy to stay connected to your Outlook accounts and essential emails for reading and writing. But even though you get some features that you would see in a typical Outlook application, you cannot call it an Outlook app! Furthermore, the Mail app on Windows 10 lacks some advanced features. Windows 10 cannot view formatting marks and perform other advanced mail features.

Outlook apps provide superior functionality when compared to other email client alternatives on the market. They also allow you to track your work easily. But, they lack the formatting mark option in the iOS or Android applications.

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