Complete Guide on How to Print Outlook Calendar

Are you planning to print your calendar event in Outlook? Guess what! You can do it in a few easy steps. This allows you to focus on your schedule and keep focused on your life since it can help you quickly review your day and plan upcoming events. 

Now your schedule is more easily accessible with a printable calendar that’s always available. You can also plan for upcoming events on your computer, no matter where you are. Microsoft Outlook’s calendar feature can be used to print a specific date range. You can print an Outlook calendar with great ease. Additionally, you can also customize your Outlook calendar in many different ways before printing.

How to Print Outlook Calendar in Perfection

I will teach you how to print Outlook calendars in perfection. We all know that Outlook is the most popular email, calendar, note-taking application used by millions of people worldwide. Its features are vast, and it has its own set of quirks that every user should know.

The process for printing Calendar in Outlook is pretty simple. But sometimes, there are issues with it that can be tricky to figure out on your own because there are so many different settings and configurations available for this feature. That’s why I have created this tutorial to help you solve any issue you may have while printing your calendar in Outlook perfectly every time.

Printing a calendar with detailed events in the Outlook app

Here are detailed steps for printing your Outlook calendar in Microsoft Outlook 365 or any other installed desktop apps:

  1. Open the Microsoft Outlook app and sign in with your account.
  2. Open Outlook Calendar by Clicking on the Calendar option
  3. Now, go to “File” next click “Print” Then you’ll see a print preview window with some print settings.
  4. Here, you can choose the style of the print. You can preview the printing style on the side of the screen before printing it and make alterations as needed. Types of calendar styles available in the Outlook app: Daily style, Weekly agenda style, Weekly calendar style, Monthly style, Tri-fold style, Calendar details style.
  5. If you’re using the Outlook app to print a calendar, it will automatically reflect the current month. To print a calendar other than the current month, you can click on “Print Options.”

After clicking on the Print Options button, a new window will open, which offers various options. You can customize your print settings easily here. Like:

  • You can easily print a new calendar by choosing it from the drop-down menu given in “Print this calendar.”
  • Also, you can select the date range you want to print your calendar. The print range is available in this section.
  • By ticking the “hide the details of private appointments” checkbox, you can hide private appointments on your calendar.

Once you are done with all the needed customization and setting, click on “Print.”

How To Print Calendar With Bigger/Smaller Font Size In Outlook?

This is a common problem that people can experience when printing calendars in Outlook. Many fonts on the calendar may be too small and hard to read. If your appointments don’t print correctly in Outlook, there’s a handy trick proposed by this article. It’ll show you how to adjust the font size of your calendar and see them in larger/smaller font when printing it out.

Print Calendar in Outlook with Bigger or Small Font

Here are the steps to print an Outlook calendar in smaller or bigger font size. Please follow the following steps. This will help you to print an Outlook calendar with your customized font size:

  1. Select the calendar you want to print in the Calendar view.
  2. Then go to File > Print
  3. Next, choose your Monthly Style in the Style drop-down menu. Next, head to the Print Options section.
  4. The Print dialog box near the top pops out. You should click the Page Setup button to arrange the settings.
  5. You can now switch to page setup by clicking the button in the upper right corner of your screen. If you feel like the font selection you made is inappropriate, please click on the Format tab > Font button behind the Appointment box.
  6. In the Font dialog box, you’re able to alter the typeface/size of a given font by selecting a different font and then proceed by clicking on the OK button

To print, click the OK button in the Page Setup dialog box, click the Preview button in the Print dialog box, and finally specify a printer to print quickly and efficiently!

The Bottom Line

Outlook Calendar is an easy-to-use calendar program for scheduling tasks, meetings, events, and activities. It can be a big help for busy teams or individuals with many things going on. Outlook, with its clever design, makes it easier to schedule ongoing meetings or events. You won’t have to plan the next time manually!

When printed, these calendars are easy to access on a piece of paper that makes your entire week handy for quick reference by just a glance.

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