The Ultimate Guide to Rescheduling a Meeting in Outlook

If you are running late for a meeting, there are ways to reschedule it in Outlook without having to leave your current meeting.

Outlook is Microsoft’s email program that works with Microsoft Office Online and

The Ultimate Guide to Rescheduling a Meeting in Outlook:

  • You can reschedule the initial meeting or the new one by selecting the desired option from the Meeting Room list. The initial meeting will be moved to a different date, while the new one will remain on its original date.
  • If you select “Cancel Meeting,” it means that you want to cancel all meetings on that day and reschedule them for an alternate time or day later on.
  • When you have multiple meetings scheduled for an alternate time, select which ones you want.

Why Schedule a Meeting in Outlook?

Meetings and Outlook are a pair that go together like peanut butter and jelly. The two are inseparable and will always be together. However, Outlook is the most popular email program globally for a reason.

The number of people who use it has grown by 300% over the past decade. It has an estimated 500 million active monthly users, with over 700 million emails being sent each day from Outlook users alone. The bottom line is that if you use Microsoft Outlook or any other email program, chances are you had already scheduled a meeting in it at least once before today – even if you didn’t know it!

But there’s one thing that most people don’t know about scheduling meetings in Outlook: there’s no way to delete them once they’re on your Calendar!

How to Schedule a Meeting In Outlook?

When you are scheduling a meeting, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. The first thing is the time for your meeting. You can set this time and note whether it should be recurring or one-time. The second thing is the reminder for your session. This reminder will appear on the Calendar at the date and time of your appointment. Lastly, you will have to choose the contacts that need to attend your meeting and who needs to be invited or excluded from this meeting.

This is an overview of how to schedule a meeting in Outlook with step-by-step instructions and examples of what’s needed for this process, depending on whether you’re planning a one-time or recurring scheduled appointment.

How to Cancel or Reschedule a Meeting In Outlook?

Outlook has a feature that lets you cancel or change your meeting. So if you’re running late, this is a great way to reschedule without having to ask the person on the other end of the conversation.

Outlook also allows you to change your meeting time by changing the time zone from being sent.

If you can’t find this option, try opening up Outlook and going over to “File,” then “Options,” and then “Advanced Options.” There are some options here for changing what happens when you cancel a meeting that might help solve your problem.

How can you Reschedule an Outlook Calendar Appointment?

Microsoft Outlook makes it simple to alter a meeting or event you planned, suggest a new time, and immediately alert all attendees if you need to postpone for any reason.

You may modify the meeting invite by accessing it and editing the details page.

In the navigation pane, select Calendar.

In your Calendar, look for the appointment.

To open an appointment, double-click on it.

Change the beginning and ending times (and date if necessary).

Is it possible to postpone a meeting in Outlook if I am not the one who organized it?

There is no option to change the meeting organizer in Outlook. Instead, end the recurring meeting if you want to alter the meeting organizer. Set an early end date and notify all attendees of the change.

Make a change to a single appointment, meeting, or event you’ve scheduled.

From your Calendar, open the appointment, event, or meeting.

On the Appointment or Meeting tab, edit the item’s details. Then, click Save & Close for an appointment or event, or Send Update for a meeting you made after you’re finished.

To save changes to a meeting you’ve created, you’ll need to email an update. If you’re only adding more people to a meeting and making no other changes, you can select whether to distribute the Update to everyone or just the new people.

Click the Save & Close button.

Meeting Cancellation

No small company owner likes to cancel a meeting and inconvenience the people who have been invited. But, on the other hand, if you go ahead with a meeting that you’re not ready to hold, the results could be significantly worse. Even one hour of wasted time can make a slight issue seem insignificant.

To cancel a meeting in Outlook, follow these steps:

First, double-click the meeting to start it. Then, on the meeting tab above, click “Cancel.”

Write a brief statement apologizing for the cancellation and explaining why. The folks you’ve invited can perceive a “cancel meeting” message without an explanation as curt, if not unfriendly.

On the meeting tab above, click “Send Cancellation.”

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