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Consider a firm ABC running Microsoft® Exchange 2007/2010/2013/2016. The Accounting department staff has their own mailboxes ([email protected]) and they are Outlook users. Their e-mail is handled through generic department distribution group ([email protected]), which ensures that all users receive each e-mail message. For internal mail they want to be able to send e-mail as each individual user, however when this user sends e-mail out of the office, the From address needs to be set to the address of the distribution group ([email protected]). This should be done automatically on Exchange server side.
Optionally, to send an external message personally, the user should set the message Sensitivity parameter to “Personal”, “Private” or “Confidential”.

Using SendAsGroup application would solve the problem.

Current version:    Now it supports iOS (iPhone etc) or Android-based devices.


On your Exchange 2007/2010 Hub Transport Server or Edge server computer or on your Exchange 2013/2016 Mailbox Server computer do the following:
1. Select (or create) a user account that is a member of the local Administrators, Domain Admins and Domain Users security groups.
2. Log on locally as that user.
3. Create C:\Program Files\IvaSoft\SendAsGroup\ directory and download there archive file.
5. Right-click and select ‘Properties’. If there is enabled ‘Unblock’ button, hit it.

6. Extract all files.
7. Run a command prompt. If you are running Exchange 2007, navigate to C:\Program Files\IvaSoft\SendAsGroup\Ex2007 directory. If you are running Exchange 2010/2013/2016, navigate to C:\Program Files\IvaSoft\SendAsGroup\Ex2010 directory.
8. Run SendAsGroupSetup.exe. Click Install button. Make sure that ‘SendAsGroup2007’ is appeared in the list of Transport agents. Click Enable button. Click Exit button to close the program.


  1. Create a new mail-enabled distribution group named ‘TestSendAsGroup’ and yourself there.
  2. Run SendAsGroupSetup.exe. Click Add button. New window appears. Click Populate button.
    Select TestSendAsGroup and click OK button. New window that allows you to change the “Send as” address appears.
    Change it if you wish. Click OK button. Make sure that ‘TestSendAsGroup’ is in the list.
  3. Open Outlook and create a new mail message. Send your message to any external Internet address you can operate.
  4. Receive the message you have just sent using any SMTP/POP3 e-mail client (for example, Outlook Express) and make sure the sender address (From: field) is [email protected]
  5. Open Outlook and create a new mail message. Click Options > Sensitivity > Personal. Click Close. Send this message.
  6. Receive a message you have just sent and make sure the sender address (From: field) now is user’s personal address.

By default SendAsgroup application handles only external messages. If you wish to handle internal messages too, run SendAsGroupSetup.exe and mark “Handle internal messages” check box.

Also by default SendAsgroup application handles only messages whose sensitivity level is set to normal. If you wish to handle any message regardless of its sensitivity level, run SendAsGroupSetup.exe and mark “Handle messages with any sensitivity level” check box.

If you are planning to use the iOS (iPhone etc) or Android-based devices that do not support sensitivity levels, you can check “Handle ‘Private:’ subject prefix” box. Now, to send from a personal address, you have to place “Private:” prefix to the subject line.


Run SendAsGroupSetup.exe. Click ‘Uninstall’ button. Click Exit button to close the program.

About this demo version.

SendAsGroup demo version adds “[SendAsGroup 2007 DEMO]” to the Subject line of each message processed.


Q. I am installing this product on a 64bit machine. I followed the directions and tried them from the “Program Files” folder. I got the following error: “install.ps1 is not digitally signed”.
A. Set WSH to unrestricted mode as described here.

Q. What if a message sender belongs to several groups? Which group addreess will be used?
A. SendAsGroup scans the groups from top to bottom in the list. If user1 is a member of groupA and groupB, and groups are sorted as shown here:
   groupA [email protected]
groupB [email protected]
the address of groupA will be set. But in this case:
   groupB [email protected]
groupA [email protected]
the address of groupB will be set.
You can change the order of groups using Move Up and Move Down buttons.

Q. I am about to purchase this product but I wondering regarding updates/patches. What are the policies regarding updates? Do you provide them freely or as a purchase?
A. As a registered user, you will get free updates for one year from the date of purchase.
Once the new version is ready, this information will be e-mailed to all registered users. We will send updates via e-mail to those who request them.

Q.  I have already ordered your software and want to view data relating to my order.
A.  Just visit our Customer Care Center.

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