Microsoft Outlook new feature: what does sweep mean in Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular emailing software in the world. It is widely used by professionals, students, and ordinary people who need to manage their work, personal, and social life. These benefits are calendar, contacts and tasks management, email search, and collaboration tools. Microsoft Outlook also has an excellent interface, so users don’t need to struggle with file attachments or other complicated settings.

Microsoft Outlook helps you manage tasks and organize your day quickly and conveniently. It also offers many other benefits like tracking your time, categorizing emails into different folders, sending emails from your smartphone, and using third-party integrations with social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter to share content.

If you are wondering what sweep means in Outlook and how it works, then don’t worry. We have got you covered! The ”Sweep” feature was recently introduced to Outlook Web. The new feature allows users to organize and delete emails that they don’t need.

In addition, the ”Sweep” feature automatically sorts emails into a separate folder that you can use to organize messages that don’t fit in any other folder in Outlook. The sweep feature is designed to help you manage email overload by sorting unnecessary emails and forwarding them to a new folder called “Sweeps.” You can use this new feature with your current inbox or as an alternative in case you want to receive all of your emails in one place.

What does sweep mean in Outlook?

Your spammed inbox is probably one of the most annoying parts of your day. But what if there was a way to stop wasting time checking it and start working? Well, there is! Outlook, Email management tools can make this a reality.

Email has been a vital tool for business, education, and personal life for many years. It allows you to instantly stay connected with family, friends, and colleagues. However, there are times when email becomes a burden because of the sheer amount of time constantly being sent.

Today’s world, we are constantly connected. Our phones never leave our side, and our emails are always around us. We live in a digital era where the average person has over 200 unread emails in their inboxes daily. Many of us get overwhelmed with these email notifications and end up deleting them without reading them because we don’t have the time to do so.

You might be familiar with the feeling of going through your inbox and deleting emails that you don’t need. Sweep is an Outlook feature that helps delete your emails from your inbox and save your device storage. In addition, it will make your app light weighted and make it fast.

How to use the Sweep Tool?

It is now possible to delete emails from your inbox without going through the meticulous process of deleting them from your trash folder. This feature can save you a lot of time and energy. In this blog post, I will walk you through how to use this feature and how it could affect your email management strategy.

We are bombarded with emails daily, with most emails being unimportant. Therefore, it is important to delete those emails that we don’t need every day. Many people recommend deleting all the emails in your inbox at once, but that can be overwhelming and difficult. A better approach would be to take a deeper look at what you need and what you don’t so that you can add unnecessary emails to the “sweep” folder. Let’s know how you can use this feature:

  1. Select one email from who you would like to delete.
  2. On the bar menu, you can see the “Sweep” Option. It is where you can choose to start your sweep a specific email.
  3. Now choose how to handle email messages from the sender you chose.
  4. Now you can choose what to do with an email received from a particular sender. You have many options to decide how to handle any email by the sender.
  5. Select the option you would like to perform and choose “Sweep.”

Note- You cannot sweep the emails from folders like Junk, Sent Items, Deleted Items, or Draft.

What features does “Sweep” in Outlook have?

This section will discuss using the Sweep icon on the message toolbar to keep your mailbox tidy. There are four options on the screen when you go for “Sweep.”

  • Delete all messages from that specific sender.
  • “Delete all messages” any future messages or inbox messages from that particular sender.
  • Delete all but keep the most recent messages.
  • Delete messages which are older than 10 days.

You can use these options at your convenience. But, one of the valuable tricks will be to use it for unwanted sales emails and coupons that keep clogging up your inbox, and you’re paying for them with your time.

If you don’t want to miss the deals that show up on your emails, then you can set delete email after 10 days. Of course, by that time, those coupons will be expired, and your work will be done by then!

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