What is the MS-Outlook App? All you need to know about it

The MS-Outlook App is a powerful, free email app that gives you the power to handle your email, calendar, and tasks in one place.

Microsoft has created a new email app called the MS-Outlook App. It is a powerful and free email app that gives you the power to handle your email, calendar, and tasks in one place. One can use it to access emails, contacts, calendars, and tasks on your computer as well as on your phone.

Microsoft has been releasing new updates every week, which makes this app more powerful than ever before, and with recent updates, they have introduced a new “ribbon” across the top of your screen, which helps you navigate through all of your emails.

One of the most appealing features of MS Outlook is that it can be used as a standalone application as well as a multi-user application. It may be used as an email client-server by an individual as well as by an organization that requires shared functionality such as a mailbox, calendar, and appointments.

Initially, the program was only available as part of the Microsoft Office suite, which could be downloaded and installed on a computer. Later versions of Outlook were produced, making it compatible with mobile phones, laptops, and other Android and Mac devices.

5 Reasons Why Outlook is Better than Gmail

We know that Outlook is better than Gmail, but there are still many people who use Gmail. So in order to convince them to switch over to Outlook, here are five reasons why Outlook is better than Gmail:

  1. Outlook has a number of features that make it more user-friendly and powerful.
  2. Outlook automatically sends reminders for events, meetings, and tasks in your Inbox
  3. It is easy to compose and send emails via Outlook’s handy tools
  4. You can organize your emails into folders with tags and labels
  5. It also offers greater security when compared with Gmail’s open architecture

How to Use & Install Outlook on WINDOWS 10

Microsoft Outlook is a digital email program that enables users to send, receive and organize emails. With this program, you can use the Microsoft Office suite. For example, you can use Microsoft Word to write your documents. You can also use Microsoft Excel to build spreadsheets and presentations.

On Windows 10, how can I install Outlook 2019/Office 2019?

Select Sign in from the www.office.com menu.

Log in using the Microsoft account that is linked to the Office 2019 version.

From the office home page, select Install Office.

When the download is finished,

When the UAC prompt appears, select Yes.

When the installation is complete, click Close.

Noteworthy features of Outlook

Receive travel, hotel, or rental car reservations by email. Outlook will automatically add them to your calendar, along with most associated information, such as confirmation or tracking numbers and even links. Unfortunately, Outlook cannot yet compute travel time to the airport, so double-check traffic before leaving.

Have you ever been in an email exchange that you wanted to ignore? For example, someone may add you to a distribution list without your knowledge of working for a large corporation. See the Exchange Team Blog for an amusing (and perhaps painful) account about Microsoft’s own experience with this scenario. You can ignore the entire conversation rather than deleting every single message in the thread as it arrives. Instead, you will move all messages in the conversation to the Deleted Items folder. Any subsequent communications will bypass your Inbox entirely and go straight to the Deleted Items folder.

Perhaps you’re awaiting a job offer, a concert presale code, or your boss’s legal brief. You do, however, have a job to perform that does not entail looking at your Outlook mail list for hours. Instead, use Outlook’s new item alerts to be notified anytime a message arrives that satisfies specific criteria. This alert will appear above any other application you’re using, ensuring that you don’t miss a message.

Do you have dozens or perhaps hundreds of messages in numerous threads in your Inbox? Many of those communications are likely to be close duplicates of one another. You’ve read them, responded to them, but you’ve never gotten rid of them. Many of these messages can be deleted using the Clean Up button, leaving them unread or containing unique information. Test it out and see how close you can get to Inbox Zero.

Outlook features that most users don’t utilize

Email scheduling.

From a single window, create new meetings, appointments, tasks, and contacts.

Quick Parts allows you to send comparable emails easily.

You can view messages in a variety of ways.

Calendars are shared.

Task management that works.

The function of Shortcut Keys

Go to the Home tab by pressing Alt+H.

Alt+S – Send an email

Ctrl+2 – Navigate to the calendar

Ctrl+M- Keep an eye out for new messages.

Ctrl+1 -Toggle to the mail view

Ctrl+3 – Toggle to the contacts tab.

Ctrl+Shift+B – Activate the Address Book

Ctrl+Shift+A – To schedule a meeting

To make a contact group, use Ctrl+Shift+L.

Ctrl+Shift+Q – Make an appointment request.

Ctrl+Shift+N – Composing a note.

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