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Consider an Exchange server that hosts multiple mail domains, e.g. domain1.com, domain2.com,domain3.com. The Exchange server is a member of the Active Directory domain ad.domain0.com. If the Exchange server generates a Non-Delivery Report, for example because someone has sent a message to [email protected], then the sender address of this NDR is always [email protected] RightPostmaster for Microsoft Exchange 2013/2016 application can correlate NDR with domains, so that a NDR related to domain2.com will be sent from [email protected], and a NDR related to domain3.com will be sent from [email protected]


  • You do not need to provide any setup or tuning. Once installed, RightPostmaster application will run unattendly.
  • The application is server-centric, so you do not need to install any extra software on the client side


On your Exchange 2013/2016 Mailbox server computer:

  1. Select (or create) a user account that is a member of the local Administrators, Domain Admins and Domain Users security groups. Log on as that user.
  2. Create “C:\Program Files\RightPostmaster\” directory and download there Download RightPostmaster-Demo.zip archive file.
  3. Right-click RightPostmaster-Demo.zip and select ‘Properties’. If there is ‘Unblock’ button, hit it. 
  4. Extract all files from the zip archive to “C:\Program Files\RightPostmaster\Ex2013_2016\” directory.
  5. Navigate to “C:\Program Files\RightPostmaster\Ex2013_2016\” directory and run RightPostmaster2013Setup.exe. Click Install button. Make sure that RightPostmaster2013 is appeared in the list of Transport agents. Click Enable button. Click Exit button to close the program.


    Lets assume you have two e-mail domains hosted by your Exchange server: domain1.com amd domain2.com. Make sure the addresses [email protected] and [email protected] are not exist in your Active Directory.
    1. Create a free test account on Yahoo (http://mail.yahoo.com).
    2. Using Yahoo web mail interface, send e-mail from [email protected] to your first unexisting address [email protected]
    3. After a while you will receive a non-delivery report from [email protected]in1.com
    4. Send e-mail from [email protected] to your second unexisting address [email protected]
    5. After a while you will receive a non-delivery report from [email protected]
    We have tested RightPostMaster on Exchange 2013 CU 10 (a single server that plays Client Access and Mailbox roles) and on Exchange 2016 server.


    Run C:\Program Files\RightPostmaster\Ex2013_2016\RightPostmaster2013Setup.exe. Click Uninstall button. Make sure that RightPostmaster2013 is not in the list of Transport agents. Click Exit button to close the program.

    About this demo version.

    RightPostmaster demo version always adds “DEMO.” after @ to postmaster’s e-mail address in a NDR.
    So, if you send a message to [email protected], you receive a NDR from
    [email protected]
    Also RightPostmaster demo version adds “[RightPostmaster DEMO]” to the Subject line of each message processed.

    Full product version will generate the following NDR originator address:
    [email protected]
    and will not change the Subject line.


    Q. I am installing this product on a 64bit machine. I followed the directions and tried them from the “Program Files” folder. I got the following error: “install.ps1 is not digitally signed”.
    A. Set WSH to unrestricted mode as described here.

    Q. I am about to purchase this product but I wondering regarding updates/patches. What are the policies regarding updates? Do you provide them freely or as a purchase?
    A. As a registered user, you will get free updates for one year from the date of purchase.
    Once the new version is ready, this information will be e-mailed to all registered users. We will send updates via e-mail to those who request them.

    Q.  I have already ordered your software and want to view data relating to my order.
    A.  Just visit our Customer Care Center.

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